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305 photos representing 2 hours and 45 minutes of real time in one image. I just read that there is nothing to stop earth from spinning, so it could potentially spin forever. Perpetual motion? Possibly, but somehow I doubt it. I think the universe will out live earth because the sun will devour our planet someday, (don’t worry, it won’t happen anytime soon) and that is just a mere “drop in the ocean” of this too-big-to-imagine thing we call the universe. Life is beautifully ridiculous, and that is why I love it!



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Because of the multitude of seeds found within the pomegranate it is regarded by many as a symbol of fertility and abundance.  It is associated with the change of the seasons, life, death, resurrection, and marriage in the Greek myth ofPersephone.

Islamic legend states that each fruit contains as seed from the garden of paradise.


Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA) - Resource for Crime Writers


Alain Delon in Venice, 1962


Frankenberg city hall (Germany)

Photo c. 1909